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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotic Coach, Reiki Master Teacher 

Susan Marie  CCHT

Usui/Holy Fire® III Master Teacher



I Specialize in:

Childhood Trauma, Relationships, Grief

Anxiety, Panic, Weight Loss, Sex and Gender, Religious Trauma 


Clinically Trained..Spritually-Informed

Past Lives   Future Lives   Ancestral Healing

Navigating the Akashic

Quantum Time Healing 





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Our Services, Programs & Classes

  • TimeBridge HypnoReiki & Hypnotic Life Coaching

    Anxiety, Panic & OCD


    Trauma & Relationships


    Gender & Sex 


    Weight Loss


    Stop Smoking





  • Usui/Holy Fire® III


    Usui/Holy Fire® III

    River of Peace Reiki Meditation Sessions


    Fearless Fridays


    Reiki Shares


  • TimeBridge Quantum Healing

    Soul Retrieval 


    Childhood Trauma


    Quantum Timeline Change


    Past Lives/Future Lives


    Cord Removal


    Aura Clearing


    Chakra Balancing


    Sound Healing

    Essential Oils 


Between Awake and Asleep, Lies the Healing State

Within this liminal space you can find Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing.

With the help of a qualified Hypnotherapist, you may overcome chronic disease, pain and addiction.

You can dissolve anxiety, panic and stress.

Emotional self-reliance, self-love and confidence can be yours.

Let go of old beliefs, values, and unhealthy habits.

The Power to Heal Lies Within Each of Us

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