Create Your Own Future


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Master Hypnotic Coach

Susan Marie  CCHT

Usui/Holy Fire® III

World Peace Reiki

Karuna Master Teacher



I help you Work with your  Inner Teacher, to make changes in 

 Interpersonal Relationships,

Grief, Worry, & Overthinking

Sleep Issues

Childhood &

Religious Trauma

Natural Weight Loss

Stop Smoking  


Clinically Trained..Spritually-Informed

Past Lives   Future Lives   Ancestral Healing

Navigating the Akashic

Quantum Time Healing 

Susan 2024
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Our Services, Programs & Classes

Between Awake and Asleep, Lies the Healing State

Within this liminal space, you can find

Increased Self-Confidence by removing the Blocks and Obstacles.

Coupled with  Spiritual Healing, Everything is Possible.

With the help of a qualified Clinical Certified Hypnotherapist,

you may overcome

 pain, addiction, and the regret of poor choices

You can dissolve feelings of unworthiness, lethargy, and stress.

Emotional self-reliance, self-love, and confidence can be yours.

Let go of old beliefs, values, and unhealthy habits.



The Power to Heal Lies Within Each of Us

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